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If you are looking for some advanced techniques to improve your workflow and your project. This is the course where you'll get all this. In this course, I'll show you how you can make templates in After Effects, and how you can use controllers in various ways, it has unlimited possibilities to results. At the end of this course, you'll be able to make an amazing audio visualizer template, that you can use for many reasons. See you in this course. Stay tuned.

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In this class, we'll make a very basic visualizer with the particle effect.

  • Class 01 - How to Make Visualizer 8min 57sec
  • Class 02 - Introduction of Controllers 5min 49sec
  • Class 03 - Setup Basic Controllers 8min 1sec
  • Class 04 - Manipulate the Expressions 14min 5sec
  • Class 05 - Basic Structure of Parenting 11min 57sec
  • Class 06 - Basic Structure of Parenting Part 2 6min 40sec
  • Class 07 - Make Visualizer in Different Shapes 10min 59sec
  • Class 08 - Bounce on Bass Effect 6min 11sec
  • Class 09 - How to use Drop Menu Controls 11min 28sec
  • Class 10 - Adding Tint Effect on Background 7min 49sec
  • Class 11 - Adding the Album Text and Controllers 7min 27sec
  • Class 12 - Finalizing the Project 11min 13sec
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Shoaib Baghi

Founder, Adobe World

Expert Motion Graphics Designer for 5 years.


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15+ enrolled on this course